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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

by Frank McGuinness

4th – 13th April

This is one of those plays that can genuinely be categorised as a modern classic. An American, an Irishman and an Englishman held captive in a Lebanese call doesn’t sound like the stuff of entertainment but tell that to the thousands of people who’ve seen the play and loved it since it was first performed in 1992.

Moving, funny, uplifting and poignant, this is a piece that holds a mirror to human interaction when placed in the most adverse of conditions. Their lives daily under threat, the three captives find ways of passing the time by indulging in flights of fancy, arguments, taunting each other and moments of pure insanity. Frank McGuinness’ wonderful script leads the audience through a myriad of emotions that will have them leaving the theatre entertained but hopefully more sympathetic to the plight of the political prisoner.

This is the second time this play has been performed at Medway Little Theatre. The first time, 22 years ago, it was attended on one night by Terry Waite and his wife. Mr Waite himself spent time in a cell very much like the one that audiences will see in our theatre, so the fact that he stood on the stage afterwards and generously praised the production is testament to the research and imagination of a playwright at the very top of his game.

In our current production we have three experienced actors who will, I am sure, take the audience on a journey of sadness and delight. The Irishman, Edward, is played by Barry Kearns (The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Look Back In Anger, Mother Courage). He is joined by two o the actors from the very popular recent spoof The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Mike Dickinson (Dirk Gently, …And Then There Were None, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime), who plays the Englishman, Michael, and Del de Lorme (Of Mice And Men, Look Back In Anger, The Accrington Pals), who takes on the role of the American, Adam. I would also like to thank the team of technicians, set builders and others who have helped to bring this project finally before an audience.

Melody de Lorme, Director