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Our 62nd Season


Notices will be posted in the news section of the website and included in members' newsletters when audition dates are announced.

Blithe Spirit
By Noël Coward
3rd – 12th October 2019

Supernatural comedy, written in 1941 to cheer up wartime Britain and which set a record for performances in the West End not beaten until 1957 by The Mousetrap. This perennial favourite has eccentric medium Madame Arcati invited to Charles Condomine’s villa on the Kent coast in order to conduct a séance as research for his new novel. Events do not transpire as planned.

Youth Company and Children’s Workshop Extravaganza
Treasure Island

7th - 9th November 2019

Dangerous Obsession
By N J Crisp
5th – 14th December 2019

Thriller set in the modern, luxurious home of the security-conscious Sally and Mark Driscoll. Sally is visited by a man claiming to be an old acquaintance, and she tries to recall who he is and where they may have met. When her husband comes home it seems he is the one the man wants to see. Twisting and turning, surprise and suspense are the order of the day. Expect the unexpected!

Wild Goose Chase
By Derek Benfield
23rd January 2020 – 1st February 2020

The Elroods’ dilapidated country pile with its full complement of eccentric aristocrats, lovers and maids is invaded by photographer Chester Dreadnought, jewel thieves Capone and Wedgewood, a crazy relic hunter and, inevitably, the police. The myriad doors into and out of the baronial hall in which it is set and cases of mistaken identity make the chaotic farce that ensues unavoidable.

Youth Company Production
13th – 15th February 2020

Children’s Workshop Production
6th – 7th March 2020

When The Wind Blows
By Raymond Briggs
2nd - 11th April 2020

Tragicomic play about love and nuclear war, based on the film by the writer of The Snowman. Set in the 80s under the shadow of the bomb, Jim and Hilda Bloggs do their best to follow official government advice to protect themselves and survive the coming tribulation. This two-hander is set entirely in the Bloggs’ country cottage over the bucolic days before and in the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse.

Ben Hur
By Patrick Barlow
7th - 16th May 2020

One of the best-selling books and most successful films of all time, we bring the epic Ben Hur to our little stage. Writer Patrick Barlow has taken this tale, which spans AD 1-33 and was filmed with the assistance of 200 camels and 2,500 horses, and condensed it, chariot races, centurions, sea battles and all, to a stage show where just four actors bring the legend to life.

By William Shakespeare
18th - 27th June 2020

Our first-ever production of Shakespeare's greatest play Hamlet, a ghost story, a love story and a revenge tragedy. Claudius has secretly murdered his brother King Hamlet, seized the throne and married his sister-in-law Gertrude. Young Hamlet returns to Denmark and finds out what has happened from his father's ghost, which is haunting the castle. But is the ghost telling the truth? And why is Hamlet's lover Ophelia refusing to see him? We promise an exciting and fast-moving production of a play with many twists and turns. Not to be missed.