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Our 62nd Season


Notices will be posted in the news section of the website and included in members' newsletters when audition dates are announced.

Blithe Spirit
By Noël Coward
1st – 12th October 2019

Novelist Charles Condomine invites eccentric medium Madame Arcati to hold a séance at his house, where she inadvertently summons Charles’ first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Only Charles can see or hear Elvira, which drives his living wife, Ruth, to distraction. Hilarity is ensured to ensue in this classic comic play.

Youth Company and Children’s Workshop Extravaganza
Treasure Island

7th - 9th November 2019

Dangerous Obsession
By N J Crisp
3rd – 14th December 2019

Psychological thriller. A man obsessed with pinning the blame for his wife's accident on someone enters the Driscoll home and shatters their marriage.

Wild Goose Chase
By Derek Benfield
21st January 2020 – 1st February 2020

Farce. Chester Dreadnought bluffs his way into the crumbling stately home of an impecunious aristocratic family, and even a trigger-happy belted Earl suffering from hallucinations cannot keep at bay the enterprising pair of jewel thieves who are pursuing their loot - not to mention Chester - round the castle. Suits of armour and secret doors, mistaken identities and dotty servants all help to provide the variety of fare that goes to the making of this wild goose chase.

Youth Company Production
13th – 15th February 2020

Children’s Workshop Production
6th – 7th March 2020

When The Wind Blows
By Raymond Briggs
31st March 2020 - 11 April 2020

Tragicomic play about love and nuclear war, based on the film by the writer of The Snowman. Set in the 80s under the shadow of the bomb, a sweet retired couple follow official advice to protect themselves and survive the coming apocalypse.

Ben Hur
By Patrick Barlow
5th - 16th May 2020

Based on one of the timeless stories of one of the best-selling books of the nineteenth century, this stage adaptation condenses the epic tale so that it can be told by just four actors. The story follows an amateur theatre troupe as they produce the massive tale of the fictional Jewish prince and merchant Judah Ben-Hur.

By William Shakespeare
16th - 27th June 2020

Hamlet returns home from university to discover that not only is his father newly dead, but that his mother, Gertrude, has married his uncle, Claudius, and that Claudius is now king. Shakespeare comes back to Medway Little Theatre after our memorable production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.