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Our 61st Season


Notices will be posted in the news section of the website and included in members' newsletters when audition dates are announced.

Children’s Workshop Production
15th – 16th March 2019

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me
By Frank McGuinness
4th – 13th April 2019

An American doctor, an Irish journalist, and an English academic are being held captive by terrorists in Beirut. They argue and exercise and display their national biases and prejudices, intensified in the cramped confines of their cell. As time passes, resentments and recriminations give way to an acknowledgment of their characters, strengths and weaknesses. Each comes to know himself through listening to the stories, sorrows and joys of the others.

Sitting Pretty
By Amy Rosenthal
9th – 18th May 2019

Unmarried sisters in their fifties share a London flat. Nina is brisk, dynamic and gainfully employed. Nancy is plump, self-conscious and suddenly redundant. Urged to find a hobby, she unwittingly stumbles into a job modelling for eccentric drawing students and their philandering teacher. Initially horrified to discover that life models pose naked, Nancy is unexpectedly liberated by the experience.

By Ira Levin
13th – 22nd June 2019

This ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skilful blending of gasp-inducing thrills and spontaneous laughter. Unknown dramatist Clifford Anderson has sent his new thriller to award-winning Broadway author Sidney for comment. Without a success to his credit for some years, Sidney plots with his reluctant wife Myra about how best to plagiarize Deathtrap, and when Clifford turns up to discuss the play with the 'Master' events take a sinister turn.